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For the past two years, the Black Women and Girls Collaborative has hosted the Black Women and Girls’ Symposium.  This Symposium, centered on knowledge created and produced by Black women and girls, is not simply an “intellectual” space, but has served as a healing space for many.  In 2018, we will not host the symposium.  Simply put we need to engage this season of restoration so that we can move into our new season of creation in 2019.

NEWS: Collaborative for the Research of Black Women and Girls awarded Resist grant!


Black Women and Girls symposium is birthed from the collaborative efforts of critical interdisciplinary scholars and activists who are challenged by the types of knowledge produced about and around Black women and girls.

Our Collaborative’s  larger purpose is to encourage and promote research on Black women and girls. As a research-working group, the Collaborative seeks to engage in critical works that complicate the existing narratives of Black women and girls and that speak to the heterogeneity of these populations on a global scale.

Our efforts include hosting an annual symposium that brings together a wide spectrum of participants to examine Black women and girls’ agency as producers of knowledge and agents of change.

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