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There are many ways to get to Providence, RI. Here are some of the recommended modes of transportation and travel!


Fly into TFG Airport, the only major airport in the state, about a 15 minute drive into downtown, Providence.

Fly into Logan Airport in Boston, Massachusetts. There are plenty of ground transportation options that will get you into the city of Providence in an hour.

Flying Between Cities

At Logan Airport you may need to switch to a terminal serving flights to T.F. Green Airport in Providence. This would be most likely the case when arriving on an international flight, though there are a small number of local flights out of Terminal E (the international terminal).

Ground Transportation

Limo Door to Door

Make arrangements with Ultimate Livery Shuttle service.

They will meet you right outside any terminal in a nice car and drive you to wherever you are staying in Providence for under $150. You’re spending probably an extra $100 over most other options, but saving a lot of time, complexity and anxiety.

Amtrak Acela Train

Acela trains run between Providence and Boston approximately hourly. You can buy tickets online.

Acela Website

Trains originate out of South Station in Boston (see below for travel to and from South Station).

Amtrak Metroliner trains are also available on the Acela website. Both types of trains are fast and reasonably comfortable.

MBTA Providence Commuter Train

The MBTA Commuter Rail, trains run between Boston and Providence on a schedule biased for those working in Boston (most morning trains to Boston, most evening trains to Providence). Commuter rail tickets are purchased at the station or from the conductor on the train (with an on board surcharge during peak commuting hours). Like the Amtrak trains MBTA commuter rail trains also originate out of South Station.

Commuter Bus

From the Providence Train Station

The Providence train station serves all trains arriving from Boston. Platforms vary depending on MBTA versus Amtrak. The train station is fairly close to the Marriott Hotel and theoretically walking distance, though not recommended with luggage and/or jet lag. For local travel we recommend a taxi, or working this out ahead of time with your local hotel concierge.

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