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Black Women and Girls Symposium, 2017

Providence College, Providence RI

Theme: Black Girls and Women: Standing Up and Talking Back

You are invited to submit proposals for presentation at the 2nd Annual Collaborative Research Group on Black Women and Girls Symposium, September 8-9, 2017. This interdisciplinary symposium is intended to bring together a wide spectrum of participants including, but not limited to academics, activists and artists to examine the ways in which Black girls and women negotiate and/or resist the various institutions, practices and ideologies that contribute to their marginalization. Black girls and women’s’ gender and race (among other identity markers) make them particularly vulnerable to social and cultural discrimination. However, Black girls and women across the African diaspora have historically found ways within and outside of dominant white male society to not only survive, but to challenge the structures that exclude them. These strategies of survival and resistance take various forms, including silence and “acting out”, non-conforming dress and body aesthetic, critical writing and storytelling, critical pedagogy, and organizing.

We are seeking individual papers, full panels and interactive workshops that address this theme of black girls and women’s speaking up. We are soliciting work, academic and nonacademic, that looks at Black girls and women in the Africa, Caribbean, Europe, Latin America, and the U.S. (among other regions). Below, we offer the following list of possible topics for exploration, but we encourage you to use your imagination on the general theme of the symposium:

  • Black girls and women performing beauty
  • Art as a means of disrupting whiteness, patriarchy, and/or classism
  • Creative writing as a form of standing up and talking back
  • Black girls and women resisting criminalization
  • Critical race-gender pedagogy
  • Mothering black girls; radical mothering
  • Immigrant black girls and women negotiating “new” geographies
  • Black girls and women’s standing up outside of the US
  • Community action for social justice
  • Loving and self-nurturing as talking back
  • Black girls and women “acting up” in literature
  • Resisting black girls’ marginalization in schools
  • Healing practices
  • Dance, movement

Submission Guidelines

We are accepting proposals for individual academic papers and readings (each lasting 15­-20 minutes) and full panels, participatory workshops and round-table discussions (3­-4 participants, each lasting 60 minutes). We especially welcome participatory workshops. Proposals should consist of a single Word file containing the following:

  1. Presenter(s) name, email address, and institutional affiliation (if relevant)
  2. Title of presentation
  3. Abstract (300 words for individual papers and presentations. 500 words for full panels, workshops and roundtables on targeted issues or topics)
  1. Format of presentation
  2. Anticipated AV needs and any other logistical or technical requirements
  3. A brief biographical information of presenter(s) or one­ page CV (please do not send a full CV)

Send proposals by April 10, 2017 (using “Standing Up”_YourName in the subject line) to: The Collaborative Research Group on Black Women and Girls Symposium Planning Committee:

Organized by:

Julia Jordan-Zachery, Ph.D.

Kamille Gentles-Peart, Ph.D.

Maiyah Rivers

Shamara Alhassan

Emerald Ortiz

Makeen Zachery

**The Symposium is free to attend! If you are interested in helping to underwrite the 2017 Symposium please contact us at:**

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