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The Collaborative for the Research on Black Women and Girls is a multidisciplinary research group that centers the experiences of Black women and girls. It is interested in exploring the diverse lived realities of Black women and girls across varied geographical and social locations. The purpose of the group is to explore the ways in which Black womanhood and girlhood intersects and interacts with other social categories such as nationality, religion, class, sexuality, etc. The Collaborative also seeks to support scholars who engage in research on Black women and girls, and develop practical ways to bring the knowledges of Black women and girls into the classroom and other critical spaces.  

Historically, Black women and girls have used their voices to critique society and to offer a vision of society that is more just and equitable. They constitute a significant percent of the labor force and voting public, and they have been key organizers of the “modern” Civil Rights Movement and the more recent #BlackLivesMatter movement. Yet, Black girls and women remain particularly understudied and are often rendered invisible in socio-economic and cultural understandings of their role in not only the Black community, but also the larger community. This Collaborative centers their knowledge production by offering a space for scholars and community activists to critically engage knowledge produced by Black girls and women.

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